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Toca Life: World download for android
Current version:v1.41.1
OS version:5.0+
Updated:13 March 2022


Toca Life: World is not just another sandbox game, but a huge virtual universe where you can create your own unique world and implement literally any gameplay in it. This game is a bit like such masterpieces as FNAF 9, Among Us and Minecraft Earth. It's essentially a huge self-contained game world, where all the parts are closely linked and their functioning depends on each other.

                                   Toca Life: World

Toca Life: World gameplay story on Android

Once you discover the world of Toca Life: World, you'll quickly see that you can do literally anything you can think of here. For example, give your grandfather a haircut, or just have a fun time with your friends. With this game you can do much more than in other games of this genre.

What exactly can you do in Toca Life: World on Android:
    Go to class with the cat;
    go for a ride on the ice with the sloth;
    flush the toilet any thing that you have in your hands;
    visit the barbershop with the doctor and dye her hair orange;
    do a host of other things - whatever you can think of.


There are a total of 8 maps and 39 in-game characters in Toca Life: World on Android. Immediately after downloading the game and launching it, you will enter Bop City, a location that is the main city with these 8 separate maps. Within this city, you will be able to visit:
    your apartment;
    beauty salons;
If you already have Toca Life entertainment apps installed on your smartphone, you can combine them into one with Toca Life: World, and combine the characters into one big toy in any way you want.

Toca Life: World features a huge store that offers additional purchases:
    more than a hundred new cards;
    half a thousand characters;
    more than 500 pets.

There are really so many different interesting "plushies" in this game, each of which you can try absolutely for free. So, if you liked the game Toca Life: World, you can download it from the link below, without registration:

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