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The game Pokemon Go vv0.185.3 android

Pokemon Go download for Android
  • Updated
  • Versionv0.185.3
  • Requirements5.0+
  • GenreGames / RPG
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Estimates: 5
  • Reviews: 0

Here we will fight, and most interestingly, with real players. However, in the battles will participate not us, but our animals, which need to be steadily pumped, because the more they have abilities, the higher our chances of victory.

In terms of quality Pokemon GO is perfect - worked out absolutely all the elements, so there's nothing to complain about. The gameplay is not quite unique, but you get used to it from the first minutes of the game - there is no question at all. Moreover, the gameplay creates an interesting atmosphere, you may say, addictive.

                                        Pokemon Go

A very important point in the game is that to fight in real time, you will need to buy a bracelet, and we are talking about a real bracelet, not a "chip" in the game - however, the developers have not overpriced it, besides, if you are not interested in real time battles, you can refuse to buy it at all.

There are a lot of characters - which one you will have, it's up to you to decide. Another great thing about this game is that you can create your own team. If you don't want to fight with your enemy alone, you can gather a group of players and then organize small mass battles, so to speak - they will be even more interesting.

You will not gain the victory, if your character does not develop, and the development system in the game is of high quality, so literally after every second or third battle you need to "modernize" your character, because our enemies are developing, becoming stronger than us, and this should not be allowed. We recommend a great game - Smash Hit for Android.


What about the graphics? You'll be most impressed by the graphics, especially the animation that appears during the battles. A lot of bright colors, however, in the cartoon there are also countless. On the contrary, colorfulness is a huge "plus" of the project. What is the result? This is probably the only Pokemon-themed game that got so much attention from users. And there's nothing surprising about that, the project is worthy.

How to install Pokemon Go

  1. To install hacked software disable login to Google Play, uninstall the original app from your phone.
  2. To install the .APK file enable installation from unknown sources on your phone.
  3. Install the .APK file of the application.

What if the hack doesn't work?

If the program does not work write a comment or request an update (or just there is no working mod and you don't even have to look for it). You can also Disable license check via Lucky Patcher and it is very desirable to get Root rights for the phone.

I need the Russian version

If possible, Russian versions are always posted. If you have information that a russifier is out - write us about it in the comments.

Are there viruses?

All .APK files are checked by antivirus, but you use them at your own risk..
Pokemon Go
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