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Incredibox download for android
Current version:v0.4.7
OS version:5.0+
Updated:17 February 2022


Incredibox is a fun, visually appealing music game in which users can compose their own jazz compositions. With this app, you can realize a piece of your creativity and share everything via YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. By the way, fans of electronic music and tools for creating beats, another popular program will have a taste - Drum Pads 24.

Incredibox functionality

Incredibox on android allows users to create and save their own jazz music compositions. Since this app is positioned as a game, it has another entertainment element: you have to choose one of the seven cool hipsters and dress up your avatar with flashy things: hats, sunglasses, scarves, etc.

Each icon represents a specific sound element, such as a beatbox melody or rhythm. Players can select and drag an icon to one of the virtual characters, and it will start playing that sound element in a loop. You can drag, swap, pause, and overlay different sounds to create unique pieces of music. A total of six themes are available for you to experiment with.

Later, the game will reveal more visual features and show you a short animated video clip to accompany your track. You can also create your own track, record it and play it back with your friends with another exciting application, the guitar simulator Real Guitar.


You can download Incredibox absolutely free! Moreover, in the game itself you will have the opportunity to compete in the popularity of created tracks with other users. Here there is a rating system, which selects the top 50 songs due to the likes put by listeners from around the world.

Incredibox android is great for children as a learning application. With its help, you can open a child to the fascinating world of music. The interface is very easy to learn, and the bright pictures with customizable templates will be great companion elements that create a positive mood.

What's more, there are no pop-up ads or other third-party links in the app. But there is paid content in the form of additional clothing for avatars. And if the child likes to choose outfits virtual characters, you can introduce him to the game Gymnast - Score 10!

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