Download Bubble Kvas - Box simulator for Android

Bubble Kvas - Box simulator download for android
Current version:v1.0.91
OS version:4.4+
Updated:02 February 2022


Bubble Stars is a typical action game for mobile platforms, which differs from its competitors in its style. The developers from Ztep GC have made it available to Russian-speaking users and are constantly working on new content. This is a really interesting humorous game for Android, which will not leave you indifferent and will dilute dull everyday life with its unique characters. Apparently, the developers were inspired by another equally popular game Brawl Stars. Bubble Kvas on android you can download for free.

Bubble Kvas - Box simulator

The main feature of the game Bubble Kwass is its characters, which are created with the help of viral memes from the Internet. Each of you is probably familiar with at least half of the characters depicted! The game is regularly updated, which means that the developers are not going to sit back and add more and more hilarious characters. There are about 50 heroes available to the player now.

Due to the unique skills and characteristics of each character, the user must pick the most suitable character for his style of play to pass complex levels. You are waiting for difficult platforms with obstacles, where you also need to quickly dodge moving objects. And do not forget about the loot! Each level has several crates that can bring you useful items or unique content! But Bubble Kvas on android can be passed by pouring a lot of money into it.

The game confidently holds the top in the Play Market, and the players themselves note the following merits:
    Graphics are not the most advanced, but bright and memorable.
    The gameplay is clear without unnecessary hints.
    There is an online game with real players.
Bubble Kvas for android will brighten up a few minutes of your leisure time and may be a great respite from the already bored pathetic games. Moreover, you can share the joy with friends online! By the way, running the game is also possible on any other platform: just download Roblox.

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