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Army Men Strike download for android
Current version:v3.119.0
Category:Games / Strategies
OS version:4.0+
Updated:30 January 2022


Army Men Strike is a strategy game where you will have to create your own camp consisting of toy soldiers. Of course, you will manage these toy soldiers, but this is only a small part of what you can do in Army Men Strike on Android. After all, the global objective of the game is to gather the whole army and lead it to the battlefields, where you will have to fight a variety of enemies. Just like in Civilization VI.

                                  Army Men Strike

In Army Men Strike you'll create your own base, where you can erect a variety of buildings (they can also be upgraded - to pump up to the maximum level). In addition to building structures for your army you will be able to use additional in-game content:
    and more.

Battles in Army Men Strike on Android
Battles in the game are very simple - in fact, you will just need to place your troops in certain places. After that, toy soldiers will take care of themselves.
During the battle, you can shoot the cannons from your position in the rear. Although it's far from complete control of the army, but it can have a positive (for you) impact on the outcome of the battle.
Army Men Strike for Android is a fascinating, addictive game that's a bit like Northgard. You will be able to spend your free time working on your army, enjoying the beautiful and unusual design.

Army Men Strike features.

Below the link you can download Army Men Strike MOD lots of money, but even with a full "map blanche" you will need to try very hard to always defeat your opponents. What you can do in Army Men Strike to become the best in the game:

    Create unique robots that will attack enemy fighters.
    Hire elite officers who must become the leader of an army.
    Improve your artillery, weapons, vehicles.
    Protect your rear and constantly work on strengthening your base to keep the enemy from taking it over.
    Think through every move, including your strategic thinking, to win with your mind, not with force (which is useless here).
    Cooperate with various alliances that other players have created, and go into battle with them.
    Communicate with other gamers, discuss strategies, make plans for new battles, etc.

If you liked the game Army Men Strike, you can download it from the link below. If you still have doubts, remember the cult World of Tanks Blitz - it is very similar to Army Men Strike. We also offer you Army Men Strike MOD - hacked version with unlimited money:

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