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The game Don't Starve Pocket Edition vv1.19.3 android

Don't Starve Pocket Edition download for Android
  • Updated
  • Versionv1.19.3
  • Requirements5.0+
  • GenreGames / Arcades
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Estimates: 3
  • Reviews: 0

Don't Starve Pocket Edition for Android is a mobile version of the famous game, in which users have to survive in a world with an aggressive environment. The main character of the project is named Wilson, and he finds himself in the center of incredible adventures.

                                 Don't Starve Pocket Edition

Becoming a victim of his own experiments, the researcher is moved to another reality, where, in addition to people, also live monsters. Now if you download Don't Starve in Russian, you will have to do everything possible to make your character survive - the game provides a lot of opportunities for this. For starters, you'll need to gather enough resources to create weapons that will help you fight off the enemy in case of danger. The longer you're in the world, the stronger your enemies will be, so be sure to equip yourself with a fortification that allows you to survive the next 24 hours!

Don't Starve Pocket Edition free download you can already today from our website (first, we advise you to clean the cache), but you should take into account that among the dangers, which will threaten you, there are the following moments:

    You will be surrounded by extremely aggressive animals, some of them are capable of spitting poison;
    The found food is not always healthy; some products are spoiled, and they may cause poisoning;
    Nightmares in the area are detrimental to Wilson's psyche - he may lose his mind or die of fear;
    Dynamic weather effects and changes in the time of day and time of year can also be your adversaries.


To survive in Don't Starve Pocket Edition, you don't need to download hacks or any special mods, just take the project seriously. Help Wilson survive his adventure, which is already too long.

How to install Don't Starve Pocket Edition

  1. To install hacked software disable login to Google Play, uninstall the original app from your phone.
  2. To install the .APK file enable installation from unknown sources on your phone.
  3. Install the .APK file of the application.

What if the hack doesn't work?

If the program does not work write a comment or request an update (or just there is no working mod and you don't even have to look for it). You can also Disable license check via Lucky Patcher and it is very desirable to get Root rights for the phone.

I need the Russian version

If possible, Russian versions are always posted. If you have information that a russifier is out - write us about it in the comments.

Are there viruses?

All .APK files are checked by antivirus, but you use them at your own risk..
Don't Starve Pocket Edition
Download game Don't Starve Pocket Edition on Android for free
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