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The game Garena Blockman GO vv2.24.5 android

Garena Blockman GO download for Android
  • Updated
  • Versionv2.24.5
  • Requirements5.0+
  • GenreGames / Simulators
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Estimates: 4
  • Reviews: 0

Blockman GO has received its biggest update since it was released. Have you not played Blockman GO yet? You should, we recommend you to try it, because at the moment, it's the best free sandbox game where you can play and create anything you want and share with your friends. It can be a strong contender and a "killer" game that can greatly replace Minecraft.

                                      Garena Blockman GO

If you haven't played yet, you can create an account in the game Blockman GO, or just log in through Google Service or Google Games and social networks (Facebook).

After that you can play Garena Blockman GO and all modes:

    Paradise Mini-Games. New and interesting games are released every day. Where you can join individual, unique mini-games of different genres either alone or with friends.
    Party Street (new mode). Where you need to collect graffiti around the city. Play with other players, make a new look of your city and open a party street.
    Exorcists (new game). A game of survival, the one who proves to be the most cunning wins. You will play as an exorcist, there are only 4 of you, you have to do a special ritual in an abandoned school. However, you must realize that one of you is a demon. Look for clues to figure out which one of you is an impostor who interferes with the completion of the ritual and wants to create a portal from which to summon the devil.
    Frontline (new game). A multiplayer mode with 60 players at once (30 on 30). You are one of the soldiers who will fight on the pain of the battle. The main task to win the game: shoot accurately and clearly, control tanks, armored vehicles and help your teammates. Take over points, capture enemy territory and lead your team to victory.
    Bed Wars (a popular mode and game). PvP mode where a large number of players play against each other. The task is to protect your base and intercept enemy territory and use all military tools.
    Free City RP. You are the owner of a cafe that cooks delicious food for the citizens. Have you ever wondered if you could become a ruthless vigilante, conquering like Bruce Wayne? Free City RP is just what you need!


Lots of great modes, games to choose from. Pick any one and start the game. Invite your friends and play together as a collective or team up with other players online.

How to install Garena Blockman GO

  1. To install hacked software disable login to Google Play, uninstall the original app from your phone.
  2. To install the .APK file enable installation from unknown sources on your phone.
  3. Install the .APK file of the application.

What if the hack doesn't work?

If the program does not work write a comment or request an update (or just there is no working mod and you don't even have to look for it). You can also Disable license check via Lucky Patcher and it is very desirable to get Root rights for the phone.

I need the Russian version

If possible, Russian versions are always posted. If you have information that a russifier is out - write us about it in the comments.

Are there viruses?

All .APK files are checked by antivirus, but you use them at your own risk..
Garena Blockman GO
Download game Garena Blockman GO on Android for free
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