Download Frostborn: Action RPG for Android

Frostborn: Action RPG download for android
Current version:v1.16.42
Category:Games / RPG
OS version:5.0+
Language:English, Russian
Updated:26 July 2022


Frostborn is a new game that successfully combines several popular genres. Gamers will have to survive in the medieval world, which is filled with a lot of dangers. But searching for vital resources is not the only thing the protagonist has to do. There will be dangerous enemies on his way, so it is necessary to find a powerful equipment for fighting against them. And if you don't want to search for rare weapons and armor, you can pick up sticks, logs, axes, and even hammers lying around!

Frostborn: Action RPG

Frostborn RPG offers a rich and extensive main character progression system. As you progress through the main story, which is here too, you'll be able to train your character in new combat techniques or learn additional crafting skills.

Speaking of crafting, a little bit about item creation. Crafting is the main part of Frostborn for Android. You'll have to create not only weapons and armor, but also tools, machines, chests to store things and even a full-fledged house! And do not forget that each item wears out as it is used, so it is better to take care of the spare materials!

Frostborn is free to download on our website! This is a really good game for those who are not looking for entertainment for a couple of hours. In this mobile entertainment, you will have to spend many days on full pumping. In addition, there is a competitive mode and clearly limited PVP zones. But even if you are not interested in fights with real players, you should download the game at least for the sake of interesting plot!

You can also try another survival RPG game Survivalist: invasion PRO. It is a special extended version that will help you to get accustomed in the world of the game faster. Additional resources and unique items will be available as soon as you create your character. 

And if you want to relax and communicate in the virtual world with other people, then download Avakin Life. Here you can create a prototype of yourself, choosing the right appearance, clothes and even an apartment! Take part in parties, complete simple tasks and socialize without limits!  

But we've got something else in store for you! Shadow Fight 3 is a legendary game that boasts realistic graphics and smooth animation. Here you must take on the role of a ruthless fighter who must stop your enemies at any cost. To do so, you will have to master complex martial arts techniques, unlock new edged weapons and equip yourself with the best armor! 

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