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Current version:v6.10
OS version:4.4+
Updated:01 July 2022


Mystery House: Search for Objects on Android is a fascinating quest in which the gamer will have to solve mysterious murders and catch the culprit. The game has an interesting and intricate plot, and the developers themselves have added some separate accompanying material to the narrative, which immerses the detective atmosphere even more.

The main gameplay mechanics are tied to the standard "item search" system. As the story progresses, the player will be offered not only to find hidden things within the allotted time frame, but also to solve a couple of interesting puzzles. The trick of the narrative is an unusual character, acting as an assistant to the main character - a talking red cat!

                                    Mystery House

Mysterious House: Finding Objects Android will also introduce the gamer to a number of other characters, with whom you can enter into a dialogue. And if you get stuck at any stage, you will be able to use hints. The game boasts well-crafted music and detailed graphics.

By the way, the developers regularly add new acts to their game, so as not to force gamers to download several different parts. Gradually, you'll be given access to fresh chapters with new mysterious murders, heists, and puzzles!

If you want a lighter atmosphere to distract you from your routine, try downloading Gardenscapes. You'll have to help the new owner of the big house to regain possession, solving puzzles in the style of "three in a row".


Fans of the unique combination of gameplay mechanics should pay attention to Alien Path. Here you'll find not only exciting puzzles, but also a few role-playing elements!

And the most stylish and modern from today's list of puzzle games is Sumeru, which has everything that the demanding gamer needs. Great graphics and smooth animations, unconventional puzzles, high-quality soundtrack and exciting plot - all this is a mobile game of 2017!

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