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FIFA 20 download for android
Current version:v20.6.1.187905
OS version:4.0+
Updated:27 December 2021


Soccer fans will be happy to hear the news today that a new season of FIFA 20 Mobile is coming out. The game fifa 20 beta was released on September 7, you can already tell that the game has better animation, cooler graphics and stronger artificial intelligence. Greatly changed the game technology, so many players are waiting for new surprises.

It is worth noting that it will be possible to go one on one, so it will all depend on your playing skills and accuracy of the blow. Speaking of the latter, has been redesigned animation, now only 2 frames animation, so your shot will be more accurate at certain points.


Are you ready to create your own strong, powerful team that can win the tournament? Even though this game season started earlier than 2018, one thing we can say is this: it's awesome!

The new season in FIFA 20 mobile.

The game is evolving a lot right now, so more and more new content is being added every year to keep fans happy. Of the new part we can highlight the "legacy teams", now you can send your starting lineup for the new season. This way you can send your legacy team to different important events and activities.


Fifa 20 game for android is already available on google play market, you can download it for free from our website with a free link. You don't want to miss such a unique opportunity to fight against strong players around the world, do you?

Fifa 20 release date

"When will fifa 20 come out" is exactly the question fans are still asking. The game was updated on September 7, 2019, which is 20 days earlier than past games came out. There will be more than 5 different changes to the game: career changes, the creation of an individual team mode, well-designed dynamic weather, and elaborate match play technology.

Fifa 20 demo date

A demo version of Fifa 20 was released the other day, exactly two weeks before the official release date. EA Sports does not give an exact release date for fifa 20, but promises to give players two demos (betas).

A few features of this version:

- Ultimate Team players can't upgrade to a new level. Getting new players and improving teams is present as before with no changes;

- Some filters are not available. Levels grow, but it is not possible to upgrade abilities and skills;

- There is no access to market and store;

- Soccer paraphernalia is saved when switching to a new season;

- Rewards and progress are not sent to the next season.

Fifa Mobile 20 beta download via direct links below.

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