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Terraria download for android
Current version:v1.
Category:Games / RPG
OS version:4.3+
Updated:27 December 2021


Beautiful two-dimensional graphics, complete freedom of action, the possibility of passing the entire path of development of the character from the lowest to the most experienced creator, a variety of flora and fauna, the presence of team play - all this you can experience in the game Terraria on Android, if you download it for free.

The goal in this sandbox game you choose for yourself. Note that the events take place during the Middle Ages, but not everything in this world will follow the spirit of those times. Neither will your character.


As with any such game, the open world needs to be explored and conquered. You'll have three items at your disposal: a pickaxe, an axe, and a blade. With each of them you can perform a number of tasks. Clearing the territory of unnecessary elements, do not forget about self-defense, because there are more than 400 kinds of hostile creatures. Killing monsters will reward you with a special item that comes in handy for learning a specific craft.


Conquer new territories, master professions, compete, be the best of your kind!

Features of the game Terraria on Android:

-Command play via Wi-Fi connection.

-Over 1360 recipes for items

-400 kinds of enemies

-100 varieties of blocks

-Changing day and night

-Lava and water physics close to real one

-Having a challenging game mode

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