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CCleaner Pro download for android
Current version:v6.2.0 Pro
OS version:4.4+
Updated:02 April 2022


CCleaner Pro is considered one of the most popular memory cleaning utilities. And while in the past it was usually used by PC users, it has long been available for smartphones and tablets as well.

                                  CCleaner Pro

This program is recommended to use together with the mobile antivirus ESET Mobile Security, a progressive solution to find and reliably remove malware from the memory of your smartphone or tablet.
CCleaner Pro features

With CCleaner Pro you can perform the following operations:

    delete files and applications;

    free space on your smartphone from unnecessary data;

    analyze the file system;

    Ensure a secure connection to the Internet;

    Perform a lot of additional useful actions.

Using CCleaner Pro on Android, you can get maximum control over your device. In addition, the program allows you to monitor the battery consumption, activate hibernation for specific applications, study statistics on memory usage and perform other important actions.
Why you should use CCleaner Pro on Android

Some time after you start using your smartphone/tablet, your device begins to hang, even strong slowness can be observed. All this is caused by residual program files that have been deleted or temporary application files that are not automatically deleted and take up memory.


Using CCleaner Pro on Android, you can literally clean the memory of your device in a few clicks and get rid of all the above mentioned garbage. Together with this program you should also use VPN Master, a software designed to quickly and easily replace your real IP address.

We suggest you download CCleaner Pro mod, which, compared to the usual version of the utility, will also allow you to conduct a detailed diagnosis of the file system of your device, showing unnecessary:

    files in the system;

    browser cache;

    duplicate content;

    uninstalled program installation files;

    just large files.

CCleaner Pro mod also has a built-in file manager with which you can install utilities and monitor their activity, keep track of the software that consumes the most memory and device resources, etc.

CCleaner Pro on Android will 100% become a useful tool for your smartphone, just like the Royal VC program. You can download the latest version of CCleaner Pro mod from the link below:

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