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Magisk Manager download for android
Current version:v7cfce9ff
OS version:4.4+
Updated:25 March 2022


Magisk Manager Android application is a manager of root rights, a multifunctional replacement for the popular program SuperSU. Using Magisk Manager on Android, you can get additional opportunities in terms of managing your smartphone/tablet: install programs with advanced functions (which require root access), change the certificates on your device, get access to advanced settings, etc.

                                  Magisk Manager

Features of Magisk Manager on Android

Magisk Manager is characterized by maximum security (it does not change files from the system section of the gadget), so you can not worry about the performance of your device.

So, everything works perfectly on the native firmware, without changing its files. The program also supports installation of auxiliary modules to extend the functionality without the need to download and install any third-party software.

This program will be a perfect addition to your device if you already use such software as VK MP3 Mod, Game Guardian or Tumblr. If you are not yet familiar with these programs, however, we highly recommend that you familiarize yourself with them.
Benefits of Magisk Manager Android


Among the main pluses of Magisk Manager:

    Getting root without having to edit system files (smartphone/tablet shell files);

    the ability to hide root for specific applications (e.g. payment and other applications that may not run with root);

    systemless mode, which allows you to access additional modules of Magisk Manager on Android;

    simple and understandable for the beginner software interface, with which absolutely everyone can understand (Russian language is present);

    easy program removal if needed (no need to perform any complicated manipulations with the firmware).

At the link below you can download the latest Magisk Manager for Android, which works on devices with modern firmware. We always have the latest version of this program. And you can download it absolutely for free.

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