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Dazz Cam download for android
Current version:v1.0.1
OS version:4.4+
Updated:02 March 2022


Dazz Cam is an app that aims to bring back the lost luster of retro photos. In an age of digital data and high-quality equipment that captures every detail around, some people miss a piece of the past. The grainy, square, blurry look of vintage photos has become coveted in the age of Instagram. Dazz Cam on android is more than just putting a standard black-and-white filter on your finished photo.

                                  Dazz Cam
The retro era in one app

The latest version of Dazz Cam offers a wide range of choices for retro-inspired photo editing. Here you can approach creating a photo with the distinct touch of a vintage camera lens. Instead of just adding an effect to your photos in post-processing, the app prompts you to frame it and shoot accordingly.

The fully unlocked Pro version of the app includes 13 vintage camera copies for photos and six for video, and they cover quite a few areas. As for video, you get formats like VHS, 16mm and 8mm.

In addition to the cameras, you get a small selection of accessory modifiers, from flashes to fisheye lenses. You can also add lights and timestamps to photos and change the frame rate for video. When taking photos, you can choose a double exposure mode and expect each frame to be highly detailed with built-in algorithms. Popular things like flash settings and preset frames for instant postings to social media sites like Instagram aren't spared, either.  

Other features of Dazz Cam

All the functionality of the app is available in the basic version, and therefore Dazz Cam can be downloaded on android for free. And for a wider range you will have to pay extra $10. The app does a great job competing with several popular photo and video editors at once: PicsArt, CapCut and InShot. Of course, you'll have to spend some time getting used to the unusual interface, but then you'll discover a wide range of vintage photo and video cameras, as well as additional tricks for customizing and modifying already unique shots!

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