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Fishing Points download for android
Current version:v3.6.0
OS version:4.0+
Updated:27 January 2022


With the Fishing Points app, you can go fishing in "maximum armament," as this software provides maximum information for big catches: wind direction, fish activity, tide/tide times, etc. All this data is constantly updated - you always see exclusively up-to-date information in real time on the display. It's all a bit like Google Earth.

                                  Fishing Points

Fishing Points on Android allows you to both see the data for today and watch the forecast for a whole week ahead. Although such functionality is available in the paid version, which can be downloaded from Google Play Market, you can download Fishing Points on Android Premium for free at the link below - in this version all the restrictions are removed.
Functionality of Fishing Points on Android

The program features a very broad functionality, which allows you to:
    save specific fishing spots (where the catch was the largest);
    view underwater maps of a particular area;
    use the function "underwater compass";
    Measure distances to a specific point;
    even save the data of each particular catch.

In Fishing Points on Android you can specify the place where the biggest fish was caught, specifying all its parameters: size, weight, date of catch, even add a photo.

Fishing Points is an amazing and literally a must-have app for all avid fishermen who "live" it. And here you can download Fishing Points for Android Premium and get the full functionality of the software absolutely free.


Features of Fishing Points

Among the main features of Fishing Points on Android:
    Saving specific fishing spots, rods used, trolling paths;
    search for the most successful places for fishing with the help of GPS;
    extremely accurate weather forecasts and fish behavior;
    hourly tide/tide forecast, waves, currents;
    Water temperature at the place of fishing;
    exact time of sunsets/sunrises in the area;
    support of different coordinate systems;
    data about lunar phases;
    possibility to share the place with your fishing friends;
    import of successful places with the possibility of transferring to another device;
    and much more.

In essence, the described is a "fisherman's navigator" like Navitel, and if you like the program Fishing Points, you can download it from the link below:

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