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Current version:v12.8.6 Mod (Pro)
OS version:4.4+
Updated:24 January 2022


Truecaller for Android is a popular program for mobile devices, which is a large-scale telephone directory containing an impressive database of contacts with information about them.


A special attention deserves such "feature" of the program, the number identifier and recording of calls. These features are built into Truecaller service, so you don't have to download two different programs separately.

Using Truecaller, you can identify literally any unfamiliar number that calls you. It works on the same principle as the legendary GetCaptast, which is used by millions of people from all over the world.
How Truecaller works on Android

If you want to explore the functionality of Truecaller, you can download the latest version of the software on our website at the link below. After downloading, you need to run the software and it:
    Automatically add all contacts from your phone to its Truecaller service server.
    Will compare your numbers with those that are already in the database, and if a match is found, the rating of these numbers will be raised, and information will be updated.


As a rule, in the base Truecaller on Android gets phone numbers of spammers, scammers, employees of financial institutions, collectors, cabs, some local government agencies, etc. But the main thing is that all these numbers come from users all over the world, so the Truecaller database is constantly updated and provides only up-to-date information regardless of your location.

To date, the software supports phone numbers from Europe, North America, and India. Every day at least 3,000 new contacts appear on the Truecaller servers on Android, and this trend has been going on for quite a long time. After all, in a sense, the program brings people together (just like All Social Media).
Features and benefits of Truecaller service

The software has an attractive look and feel, simple and user-friendly interface and it takes only 40 MB in the phone memory. Truecaller on Android has 2 more great advantages:
    Does not load the processor, does not slow down your smartphone.
    Uses very little RAM of the device.
The functionality of the application is very impressive, so we will highlight only the most significant features of Truecaller for Android:
    Editor of your own contact - you can change and even decorate your own contact, which is contained in the Truecaller database;
    access to a global, almost worldwide database including millions of different phone numbers with their detailed descriptions;
    Automatic caller ID and call recording - the 2 most important features that many standard smartphone firmware lacks;
    searching for information on the phone number you are interested in by entering it into a special field in the program window;
    choosing only certain contacts that you want to add to the Truecaller service base from your phonebook;
    determining the popularity and overall rating of your own phone number, viewing those who have searched for your number (this function is similar to the one performed by the My Guests VK app).
Even on 4pda, Truecaller is very popular. And if you study the reviews of those who constantly work with this application, you can make a clear conclusion - the software is extremely useful, is characterized by security, does not "eat" the hardware resources of Android devices, so it is definitely worth installing on your gadget and test the functionality.
Find a lot of useful information about Truecaller on 4pda, but you can download the latest version of the program directly from our website at the link:

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