Download Textra SMS for Android

Textra SMS download for android
Current version:v4.46 Mod (Pro)
OS version:4.1+
Updated:21 January 2022


Textra SMS is an excellent (in terms of functionality) replacement for the classic, built-in Android shell SMS messaging mechanism. This program is as useful as VK Coffee, because it allows you to personalize and customize the reception/sending of messages.

                                  Textra SMS

Functionality of Textra SMS
You can download Textra SMS PRO (mod) from our site, which, unlike usual SMS program, allows you to use your own themes, customize text colors, change appearance of many elements (for example, make them rounded, angular and so on).
Also, in Textra SMS you can perform fine-tuning of notifications, use sets of emoji (which are more than 2 thousand) and perform a lot of different manipulations which will make the process of sending and receiving SMS messages as convenient as in Telegram.
Among the main features of Textra SMS, it is worth highlighting the main (in reality there are much more, and it is simply impossible to describe all of them):
    enabling/disabling different methods of notification about the incoming message;
    Using unique melodies for incoming messages;
    changing the vibration type for incoming SMS;
    activation of pop-up windows while receiving SMS;
    Specifying the LED flashing color (for devices that have this functionality);
    activation/deactivation of repeated message notifications with a time interval (so as not to miss anything important).


Moreover, in Textra SMS PRO (mod), which is available at the link at the bottom of the page, you can also use non-standard functions like filtering numbers (for example, landlines) to make it easier and faster to find the right recipient. You may also be interested in the application Friend Around.

Textra SMS also has a built-in Blacklist, an anti-spam system. They allow you to get rid of unwanted messages and spam filters can be set so that you receive only those advertising messages which are really necessary (for example from the stores where you buy something and so on).
Features of Textra SMS PRO (mod),

The program provides the user with the ability to:
    Protect certain messages from accidental deletion.
    Call a contact directly from a dialog - you do not need to exit the program;
    Add your own images to specific dialogs.
    Delete long dialogs in one click (leave only some messages if necessary);
    Attach media content to messages: audio, video, photos (available only for MMS, of course).

If you want to try "for yourself" all this powerful functionality of Textra SMS, you can download the program for Android from the link below. It is very simple to operate, has an intuitive interface, supports working with MMS and has a huge number of different settings. Textra SMS (apk) of the latest version is always available at

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