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StudyGe download for android
Current version:v2.1.12
OS version:4.2+
Updated:16 July 2022


StudyGe on android is a simple but informative application that will help you to improve your knowledge of geography. With the help of a detailed interactive map, you will be able to find all the existing countries of the world and find out where they are located.


Moreover, the application has a special competition mode, where you can measure your knowledge with thousands of other users! This is a great option for those people who are preparing for geography exams, USEs and other tests. And if you do not have to test your knowledge, you can just relax and play with friends!

The developers have provided several modes of space with the display of all the necessary information. For example, you will be able to:

    Learn the location of a particular country

    Learn all the different flags of nations

    Learn the names of capitals.

    Launch the general atlas mode

You can also download StudyGe all openly. In the extended version of the application, the developers provide access to an even longer list of features: information about the main language in the country, the current population, the currency used and the form of political system in the state. StudyGe apk you can download directly from our link absolutely free. It is enough to unpack the archive on your mobile device and start installing. The extended version of the StudyGe mod app is also available here. Start discovering new things together with this interesting and colorful application!

And don't forget that you can find a huge number of other apps in Google Play Market. It is the official digital directory of the world-famous corporation where users can find thousands of free programs, utilities and even games! The application is available for free for almost all Android versions!


If for some reason you cannot use foreign applications, in particular because of sanctions, appreciate the Russian catalog of software products RuStore. It has everything that a modern Russian-speaking user could need. It is a full-fledged analogue of Google Play Market, which can replace it without much difficulty.

Can't solve a complicated problem? Or want to improve your knowledge in different disciplines? Or maybe you have some free time and you do not mind to share your knowledge with other users? Then download BRAINLY (Knowledge) to get the ability to do everything at once! The application is free for Android users and offers a huge database with ready answers for various tests.

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