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App BlockLauncher PRO vv1.27 android

BlockLauncher PRO download for Android
  • Updated
  • Versionv1.27
  • Requirements2.3+
  • GenrePrograms / Different
  • LanguageEnglish
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It's no secret that Meincraft has become world-famous for obvious reasons. It is a game that amazes players of all ages with its possibilities. And most importantly, the game is regularly updated with various mods and addons, most often amateur ones. But to be able to play these addons without any problems, you need the BlockLauncher PRO app on Android.

                                       BlockLauncher PRO

What can this program do? With its help, you will be able to successfully download, install and manage the selected mods for your version of Minecraft. There is a different version of the application BlockLauncher PRO on android for each version of Minecraft.

The program is free and easy to use. In addition, with its help, you can install all the packs and textures for Minecraft for free. The application provides a number of functions that allow you to change and edit the installed mods and textures at your discretion. The Desktop GUI feature includes an editing mode in the PC interface, which for a number of players is extremely important.


Download this program now, and get limitless opportunity to change and add to your favorite game!

Features of the application BlockLauncher PRO on Android:

-Ability to manage installed mods

-Ability to make screenshots via the Launcher and change DPI

-Correct installation of mods, addons, textures, etc.

-Simple and easy to navigate

-The application is free and regularly updated

How to install BlockLauncher PRO

  1. To install hacked software disable login to Google Play, uninstall the original app from your phone.
  2. To install the .APK file enable installation from unknown sources on your phone.
  3. Install the .APK file of the application.

What if the hack doesn't work?

If the program does not work write a comment or request an update (or just there is no working mod and you don't even have to look for it). You can also Disable license check via Lucky Patcher and it is very desirable to get Root rights for the phone.

I need the Russian version

If possible, Russian versions are always posted. If you have information that a russifier is out - write us about it in the comments.

Are there viruses?

All .APK files are checked by antivirus, but you use them at your own risk..
BlockLauncher PRO
Download app BlockLauncher PRO on Android for free
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