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Whattsapp Business download for android
Current version:v2.22.10.12
OS version:4.1+
Updated:08 May 2022


WhatsApp is a popular messenger application that millions of people around the world use to communicate with each other. Both messaging and video calling functionality is available. A distinctive feature of the messenger is the end-to-end encryption, which allows you not to worry about the safety of information sent. In the application, you can sort contacts, create groups and synchronize the phone book of your smartphone with the internal database.

                                Whattsapp Business

WhatsApp is distinguished by its stability and high quality of communication, as well as restrained functionality without an abundance of ads and spam messages. The developers regularly publish updates, but do not overload the messenger with additional functions, remaining faithful to the original purpose. But few people know that there is another version of the application, which was created just for corporate use. Whattsapp Business can be downloaded for free on our website.

The business version is distinguished by expanded functionality for online conferences, the ability to create a personal company page with all the necessary information for customers, as well as tying the landline for communication. The application supports synchronized operation across multiple devices, including MacOS, Windows and even a browser. But more importantly, users don't have to get used to the new interface - everything remains as intuitive and simple. The latest version of Whattsapp Business is always available for download on our website!


It's no secret that WhatsApp is part of the Meta Corporation, so it's worth downloading the Facebook messenger app, which will help you stay in touch with friends, share news and highlights from life.

If you follow the trends, you should try the Clubhouse application, which was previously available only for iOS. But today Android users can also enjoy a unique social network and discover its convenient functionality: audio communication, conferences, voice communication in private groups and much more.

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