Download Google Play services for Android

Google Play services download for android
Current version:v22.18.15
OS version:5.0+
Updated:29 July 2022


If you want your smartphone apps to work properly, you need to update them periodically. But this may not be enough to ensure stability and speed up their work. That's why Google Play Services on Android was invented.

The essence of this application is to easily navigate through the applications supported in Google Play. You can use it to change the privacy settings, thereby increasing the security of your account and providing protection against data theft. It also allows you to quickly log in to your accounts in supported apps, such as vk coffee on android


Download Google Play Services on Android for free at the link below. By installing them, you will be able to sort the installed programs, as well as remove them without leaving the application. Thanks to it, you will get access to navigation services with reduced power consumption. It will also improve the performance of all the games on your device. We do not recommend you to uninstall this application, because without it, applications will start to slow down, and only reinstalling it will fix the situation.

The main advantages of Google Play Services on Android:

-Synchronization with Google Play applications

-Fast account signing in

-Improved map detailing

-Auto-update apps

-Sort and delete apps

-Improved Google search

It's easy to install Google Play Android services on any phone, like Honor, Lenovo, Huawei, or Samsung.

Download Google Play services for free

No viruses, tested!

For Android 5.0+

Download Google Play services from Google Play

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